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  • Creativity is also productivity.创新创意也是生产力

  • Development is sometimes a change of mind.开发,有时候就是换换脑子

  • If you don't know how to operate, it's all in vain!产品再好不去运营,都是白搭!

Cultural Creativity.文创

About Cultural Creativity.

Innovate and play what others don't have! In other words, there is no need to follow suit. Eh, speaking of this, I don't want to study! As long as you don't want to learn, there is always a way.——创新创意,玩的是别人所没有的!也就是说,不必要步人后尘。咦,说到这,我居然不想学习了!原来只要不想学习,总是有办法的。

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